Fast, simple and straightforward, online vehicle ordering from Multileasing.

Online Ordering

Whilst some companies have a “user chooser” policy for all their fleet vehicle acquisitions, others tend to work on either set makes, models or even single badges.

Whatever your policy happens to be, our on-line ordering module as part of FleetStreem is more than capable of becoming your fully automated vehicle procurement system, offered as part of our service, freeing up your time and allowing your drivers to order their new vehicle at their convenience NOT your leasing companies.

At a pre-agreed point during the last six months of any vehicle contract, your drivers will receive an email pushed out from FleetStreem to them informing them that their vehicle is due for replacement and inviting them to login via a simple link contained within the email to see what vehicles are available for them to choose from and order according to their choice.

Vehicles are presented to them within preset criteria from you (based upon any combination of benchmark contract criteria you’ve already set – P11d, Co2, rental, whole life costs) at which point they are able to check the manufacturers websites vis simple icons for colours, specification, etc as well as a simple link to the HMRC tax calculator website for benefit in kind calculations and a simple free text box for specific comments or requirements.

Once your driver has clicked the “Place my order” button both you and they receive an automated confirmation of the drivers order choice allowing you and us to start the next stage of the process quickly and seamlessly.

To maintain continuity of pricing, and allow our customers to budget accurately, FleetStreem’s ordering module is pre-programmed with contract pricing from one of the industries key players, so you know exactly what the contract rental will be at the point of order, but the really clever part is, once your driver’s clicked the “Place my order” button, to ensure we secure the best market rate for you, your order lands on your dedicated account managers “desk” and our market evaluation begins immediately.

Your order is then taken straight out to our panel of finance providers, from some of the biggest suppliers in the UK market right through to some of the most specialised providers to be found anywhere in the industry today and only when we’re satisfied that we’ve secured the very best rate possible on your behalf do we send you an electronic order form for sign-off before the we start the credit underwriting process assuming we haven’t already put a credit line in place and are managing it for you as part of our service.

When credit is agreed or we’ve drawn down the corresponding amount of credit required for the order from your line, your order then automatically appears on your “on order” section of FleetStreem allowing you, simply by a click of your mouse, to cross reference the new order to the current vehicle within your contract renewals section.

Transparency of information and constant communication with the minimum of fuss is our goal and to achieve this we can also ensure that any member of your key team are automatically e-mailed with order progress updates, as and when they happen, to make sure you never miss a trick.

Simplifying the renewal process by automation, securing the best market rate with the whole process taking care of itself - it must be Multileasing!