Negate the need for a Pooled Mileage agreement, and consequently tying yourself to one or two finance providers, by using our free mileage management service, operated by the latest cutting edge technology.

Why not Pooled mileage?

With larger fleets, Pooled mileage has always been widely accepted as the only way to manage volatile contract mileages. The alternative is simply to allow contracts to run over mileage and pay the excess charges at the end of contract or pay for unused mileage and "throw money down the drain".

So are there any downsides to having a Pooled mileage agreement?

Put simply, yes. For most typical Corporate SME fleet customers to be able to utilize the advantages of a pooled mileage agreement it’s likely they’ll have to commit exclusive supply to one or two contract hire companies due to their fleet size and qualifying criteria - almost a solus agreement – that then, by definition, creates the possible opportunity for the provider or providers concerned to cut out all of the competition.

The net result is a happy supplier but a potentially unhappy, or unaware, customer who feels they’ve tackled the mileage issue but inadvertently restricted themselves to one or two providers and so lost the ability to shop the market to obtain best market rate on every order, every time.

So what’s the solution?

Our solution is Mileage Management.

Mileage Management is our unique, dynamic and bespoke on-line management system that allows our customers the opportunity to negate the need for a Pooled mileage agreement and maintain the freedom to field the market whilst tackling contract mileage volatility.

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