There is no fleet that our technology won’t make life easy, or won’t work, for.


What we offer

Built on years of customer experience and operational challenges, we’ve “cherry picked” some of the industry’s best, most user friendly technology and packaged it all up into our innovative online customer platform - FleetStreem. Technology, even that available from some of the globes biggest IT companies, can sometimes be complicated and not straightforward so our ethos, right from the start, was to only make technology available to our customers, whether a supply partners or our own built from the ground up systems, that’s simple and easy to use. Running a fleet should be simple and so should the technology that supports it - you’re not a rocket scientist so why use technology that needs you to be! 

Who they are appropriate for

Put simply, there is no fleet that our technology won’t make life easy, or won’t work, for. If you run a fleet of any size, the chances are you’ll use some kind of technology to help you manage and run the fleet but our scalable technology could not only compliment your current processes but also enhance your management armory so that the task becomes simple and almost runs itself. Where our technology truly tends to come into its own is with customers for who running the fleet is just one more function of an already full to capacity role and an all-encompassing, robust technology solution that can save valuable time is worth its weight in gold - Running the fleet your sole role? Current technology user friendly and comprehensive? No to both? Maybe you should be talking to us.

Why choose us

Good question. We’re not one of the industry’s biggest players nor one of the smallest so we’re not too big to care or too small to cope. Heard it all before? Check out our testimonials and bear in mind that, as we own and host our IT platform rather than rent it from some huge IT company, in the same way as we’ve done before for most of our customers, we have the flexibility and autonomy to set you up within minutes, potentially build new IT around you and, as our IT comes complimentary as part of our package, costs you nothing in the process.

So the only choice is when, not why, to have a no obligation chat with us and find out how easy fleet IT can be?