We can keep your fleet insurance records up-to-date to ensure that all current vehicles are covered and avoid insuring non-existent vehicles.

Insurance Management

How do you currently ensure all new vehicles, additional or replacement, arriving into your fleet are added to your fleet policy from the instant they arrive until the day they leave?

How do you currently cover this aspect of your fleet to ensure you’re covering all vehicles that reside within your fleet and not paying premiums for vehicles that don’t as they’ve been returned?

The answer is simple – Multileasing’s fully managed insurance management system.

As part of a sole supply service, the instant any vehicle supplied by us is delivered into your fleet, our intelligent fleet management technology can automatically e-mail your fleet insurance provider, be it the insurance company directly or a broker, to ensure it’s on cover immediately and update the Motor Insurers Database (MID) for you.

Conversely, the minute any pre-existing vehicle is collected, and no longer resident within your fleet, our advanced fleet management system again automatically e-mails your insurance provider to ensure you’re not paying the insurance premium for a vehicle you’re no longer using and updates the MID.

Peace of mind from up to date, and accurate, insurance and MID records all managed for you by Multileasing.

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