Our quotes are clear and our contracts contain comprehensive support combined with maximum content.

Contract Integrity

Unfortunately, time and again, prospective customers tell us about things not included within some competitors contracts. It seems not all contracts fall into the category of “does what it says on the tin”!

Have you been caught out before because the salesman either didn’t tell you about something not included in the contract that you assumed was or it turned out the quote looked extremely competitive only because it was done on a different basis to the one you requested and the quote layout wasn’t very clear as to what was included?

All our quotes are easy to read, state clearly exactly what’s included in them and are laid out in such a way that there’s no room for confusion or ambiguity. The specific vehicle, extras, colour, contract term, payment profile, contract mileage, excess mileage and much more are all stated very clearly - we even work out and highlight to you the rental including the “blocked” or disallowed VAT for you.

All of our full maintenance contracts provide comprehensive support and maximum content to include breakdown assistance (manufacturers or contract hire provider) and road fund licence for the life of the contract, all electrical and mechanical repairs (excluding consumables) routine servicing in line with manufacturers' guidelines, replacement tyres (even for punctures free of charge), free delivery to any UK mainland address (we even cover Northern Ireland but charges may apply) and, best of all, our legendary service with a smile!

Does your current fleet company supply to the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland? We supply to both these markets.

We take ownership of all acquisition & supply logistics right from initial enquiry right through to delivery and beyond so if all of this peace of mind isn't available from your current fleet company, shouldn’t you be talking to us?