There is no fleet that our products or services aren’t appropriate or won’t work for.


What we offer

Built up over many years of customer experience and operational requirements, we’ve honed a package of streamlined services robust enough to seamlessly integrate with our customers fleets but flexible enough to bespoke to even the most demanding of fleet dynamics. By encouraging an internal culture of constant improvement in how we operate our customers benefit from an almost invisible ongoing program of enhancements to our service delivery that results in not only a proposition our customers utilize as first choice even when, on the odd occasion, it may not be the cheapest in the market; But also an outsourced fleet resource that can be as integral as they want, when they want, but not when they don’t. A fully wrap around service truly bespoked to you - it must be Multileasing! 

Who they are appropriate for

Put simply, there is no fleet that our products or services aren’t appropriate or won’t work for, if you run a fleet of any size, the chances are you’ll face the same “problems” or “challenges” with the size of the fleet being directly relative to the size of the “challenge”. Where our services truly tend to come into their own are customers for who running the fleet is just one more function of an already full to capacity role and a solution that can save valuable time is worth its weight in gold - Running the fleet not your sole role? Got an area of your fleet that’s headache? Maybe you should be talking to us?              

Why choose us

Good question. We’re not one of the industry’s biggest players nor one of the smallest so we’re not too big to care but too small to cope. Heard it all before? Check out our testimonials and bear in mind that, as we’re not hampered by big corporate red tape and in the same way as we’ve done before for most of our customers, we have the flexibility to interact with you, your drivers or both in whatever specific ways you require following your pre-set and agreed criteria.

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