Our proactive service to help counteract lease companies end of contract damage recharges.


Another solution to help put you in the driving seat is our end of contract “DeFleet” service.

Once up and running, we contact you 6-8 weeks prior to the end of each contract end to see if a damage inspection of the vehicle is required, with the capacity to carry out inspections nationwide and on site to fit in with your driver it really couldn’t be more convenient.

After an inspection has taken place a report document along with digital imagery is supplied to you to enable you to decide if you wish to carry out any repair work and, again, all repair work can be carried out at your drivers site minimizing down time for you and inconvenience for your driver.

A £50.00 + VAT charge applies for each inspection of which £25.00 + VAT is refunded should repair work be undertaken as long as the repair bill is in excess of £250.00 + VAT. A small price to pay for peace of mind.