As a company our overiding objective is to always go that bit further for our customers than the industry norm.


Don’t take our word for it when our customers say it so much better, please read on...

Bel UK Ltd // food sector

"Our decision to use Multileasing as sole supplier for our fleet was based upon a balance of initial presentation for tender, competitive pricing and good service.”

"Due to their professionalism and preparation for their tender, they set a good standard against Brokers, Finance Houses and Dealers."

“Over the last few years we have used Multileasing on a non exclusive basis, but their customer service has out-performed Brokers in their sector."

“We would have no hesitation in recommending Multileasing as a Fleet Management Company whose cost competitiveness, integrity and customer care is to a very high standard."

Dilip Shah 
Finance and Administration Director

Argent Liability Adjusters // insurance Sector

“As a natural consequence of significant growth, our fleet operation had become somewhat fragmented with no coherent policy and, maybe more importantly, without a structured approach to cost control or vehicles deployed within the fleet.”

Multileasing's Multibid model has allowed us to ensure each new addition to the fleet is now benchmarked across the top five leasing companies in the UK market as an integral part of their business model to address our need for cost effective supply.

Through their comprehensive fleet management platform "FleetStreem" and by working closely with our dedicated account manager we have achieved a balance of streamlined administration, cost control and happy drivers.

Multileasing's expertise has enabled us to form, and implement, our chosen structure and we're very happy with how their joined up approach has allowed us to achieve a fleet solution that's right for us.”

Paula Wilby

Orion Pharma (UK) Ltd // pharmaceutical sector

"After years of trading directly with one of biggest suppliers in the UK fleet market, we were left feeling very much like a “small fish in a very large pond”... when we were approached by Multileasing with their proactive attitude, unique services & total commitment to customer satisfaction, making the switch seemed only natural.”

“It seems rare nowadays to find a supplier that attaches such importance to customer care but who also work efficiently and offer financial savings difficult to ignore. I would heartily recommend Multileasing to any fleet operator that values supply partners being innovative, reliable and above all who trade on quality.”

Hayward Tyler Ltd // engineering sector

"When you're deciding who to use for fleet, as with many other forms of supply, you have to be able to focus on the key factors that are important to you and then match them to the supplier who looks to offer the strongest combination of all of them."

"As with most companies, price is important to us. Whilst they're invariable competitive across the board, Multileasing don't always offer us the cheapest price, but what they do offer is a good combination of price balanced against very focused customer service."

"Reliable, efficient, quick, competitive and professional to deal with, Multileasing just ticks all the right boxes for us."

Larry Redmond
HR Director

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers // engineering sector

"When Multileasing quoted for our fleet business we were already using one of biggest suppliers in the UK fleet market so we needed to be convinced that making the switch was a risk worth taking."

"I'm pleased to say they lived up to expectation by significantly reducing the running costs of the fleet and streamlining our administration. Their customer service has been outstanding. We thoroughly recommend them."

Stephen Tetlow 
Chief Executive

The Metric Group  // parking services sector

"When Multileasing approached us to supply our fleet, like many SME's, we were using quite a number of different leasing suppliers directly, dealing with lots of different people, a myriad of different systems and processes ourselves because that was just the way we'd always done things"

"Once Multileasing demonstrated just how much time and money they could save us through their industry expertise, wealth of knowledge, systems and processes, how could we ignore such a powerful argument and have given them sole supply of our leased fleet"

"Their FleetStreem fleet management platform has simplified our fleet administration and their customer service team are always on hand with their friendly, helpful and pro-active approach in everything they do for us"

"We still maintain overall control of the fleet but Multileasing have now become an integral part of our fleet management and we rely upon them"

Mat Ridley 
Head of Finance