Helping to tackle carbon emissions and the environmental impact of vehicle fleets.

Environmental Policy

At Multileasing we're all too aware that we operate in an industry that is contributing towards the growing problem of carbon emissions and global warming. We've decided to tackle this issue head-on with a number of initiatives to help our customers become more aware of their carbon footprint, reduce emissions and even save costs in the process!

Carbon Balancing Program

We have teamed up with the UK conservation charity World Land Trust to offer you the opportunity to offset either part or all of your fleet's carbon output. 

The World Land Trust helps local organisations to secure and protect key tropical habitats - rainforest, drier tropical forest and other critical habitats sustaining endangered species and rural economies. The restoration ecology projects run by the World Land Trust deliver a measurable offset for CO2 emissions and much more. 

For more information on Carbon Balancing, speak to your Multileasing account manager or visit the World Land Trust website for more information.

We're "Carbon Balanced"

In addition to helping you to reduce your carbon footprint, and increase awareness of your fleet's environmental impact, we "walk the talk" and as of 2010 we’ve been voluntarily offsetting Multileasing's entire yearly carbon output through a carbon offsetting program.

We calculate our carbon emissions from our fuel usage right through to the heating and electricity in our head office and make yearly contributions to offset our entire carbon output.